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Cafe Rebelion in now closed.  I wish to thank all of you with whom I have had such a great relationship for so many years!

Kerry Appel

For similar quality coffee (sometimes they even have coffee from the Zapatista co-ops) and similare fair trade practices I recommend:

Higher Grounds Trading Co.
Chris and Jody

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Fair Trade Zapatista Coffee


Light, Medium or Dark Roast Coffee

Roast Information

* Light, this new roast is just a little lighter than the medium (aka City roast).
* Medium, this is the same medium roast that we have been producing (aka Full City roast).
* Dark, this is just a couple of degrees less dark than our previous espresso roast (aka French roast).
* Espresso, this is about ten degrees darker than our previous espresso roast. (aka Italian roast).

Fair Trade Zapatista Honey

Raw, Unfiltered, Coffee Flower Honey

Shipping is additional. Please call or email with quantity and zip code for shipping price.

Ordering Information

Order Form

We do not accept credit cards. Please print and complete an order form here, then send check or money order made out to:

Café Rebelión
381 East 55th Avenue
Denver, CO 80216
Tel/Fax (303) 744-7346

Please contact Kerry Appel ( with any questions.